Rachette & I both grew up in hardworking entrepreneurial families. I was raised in the cattle & construction industry. Rachette, being raised in a large family (w/ 7 girls),  her father was a teacher and a coach. Forced out of his passion, he went into traditional business to pay the medical bills after losing a daughter to cancer at the age of 3. It was very important to us to be in a financial position to help our family, church & community when needed. We knew we wanted to be our own boss & in control of our own destiny.   We went into the family construction business & started building custom homes. Eight years later we realized we were getting by, but not really getting ahead. Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. We didn’t want to look back one day & realize that things could have been different. We truly wanted to live life w/ no regrets.  Gods timing is always perfect-shortly after that realization we were introduced to this industry. Our eyes were opened to the power of leverage & residual income. We believed if others could do it that we could do it too.  We started out hoping to take the pressure off & get out of debt. Once we did that , we then replaced our income & have now been blessed to earn millions of dollars in this business! Our greatest joy now lies In empowering others to change their lives & live well. The question is if time & money were no issue, what would your life look like?

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